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Legislative Project Services

TaylorUhe LLC has successfully implemented all aspects of legislative programs for diverse interests, tailoring strategies and tactics to meet specific client goals. The firm builds long-term, ongoing relationships with its clients to better anticipate problems, communicate openly, address issues effectively and ensure exceptional service all around. But the firm also handles single-issue projects, including the passage or defeat of specific legislation.

Ongoing monitoring

  • Ongoing monitoring of legislative activity in any area of the law or subject matter, and regular reporting to client


  • Research and analyze relevant legal and legislative background
  • Review all procedural opportunities and challenges

Strategy development and implementation

  • Based on research and analysis, develop strategic plan for success
  • Identify and work closely with key legislators, including leadership and staff, as well as Governor's office and staff
  • Identify and work closely with third party allies
  • Identify and build winning coalitions

Legislative advocacy

  • Draft legislation, testimony, committee report language, position papers and fact sheets
  • Prepare witnesses and legislators to testify before committees and to speak in floor debate
  • Conduct roll call-specific lobbying
  • Engage in grassroots lobbying activity
"Relationships matter of course, and TaylorUhe has them. But it's not always just who you know -- it's what you know, and how you apply that knowledge to the issue at hand. It's their focus on big-picture strategy that really sets TaylorUhe apart."

Scott Lewis
Vice President Government Relations